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The X-ray digital imaging method is basically the same as the X-ray film photography method; the film photography method is to penetrate the workpiece with a line, part of the X-ray energy is absorbed by the material, and the remaining X-ray energy passes through the workpiece to make the film photosensitive. The blackness difference image is generated on the negative film to achieve the detection purpose. The X-ray digital imaging method also uses X-rays to penetrate the workpiece, part of the energy wave material is absorbed, and the remaining X-ray energy is converted into a visible image by the image intensifier. After calculation and processing, observe the test results on the monitor screen.
Before using the X-ray flaw detector, check whether the air pressure of the high-pressure generator is lower than 0.34MPa. If the air pressure is lower than the low-pressure value, stop the operation in time and use it normally after leak detection and replenishment. The quality of materials is an important indicator of the overall technological level of a country. We are still far from the developed countries in the world. For example, what affects the life of an X-ray tube is the electron emission capability of the filament material of the X-ray tube. The life of X-ray tubes of international advanced equipment can reach thousands of hours, and we only have 400-500 hours.
Principle of X-ray flaw detector A non-destructive flaw detection method that uses X-rays to penetrate matter and has attenuation characteristics in matter to find defects in them. X-rays can detect internal defects in metallic and non-metallic materials and their products. For example, pores and slag inclusions in welds. Volume defects such as incomplete penetration.Industrial X-ray flaw detection machine, including X-ray tube head assembly, control box and connection cable, is the general name of equipment for X-ray photography or tomography of the internal structure of objects. X-ray flaw detection devices can be divided into directional and circumferential according to the direction and window range of X-ray emission; according to the installation form, they can be divided into fixed and mobile
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